We’re going to Espâna!

Finally we have a launch date!!! Wohooooo….
My cosmetics business will be launching in Spain on the 2nd of May. Being apart of the U.K. Launch I can’t stress enough how big this is. I already have an amazing leader from Spain so the gorgeous Spanish ladies who want to join who don’t speak English can join her. No need to worry about language barriers here… We’ve got that covered!

I am so excited for the future presenters in Spain. Being the first presenters in their country just gives them the biggest opportunity ever! So grab it with both hands ladies and run with it. I hope you’re ready for your lives to change.

So, why Spain? Well here’s a few points that we have researched….  Sounds to me that they are going to LOVE this company and not to mention the amazing products!

So on the 2nd of May my website will be updated ready for presenters in Spain to sign up. The first 999 places taken become founding presenters and they receive a little charm which will look like this…. The first 999 places in the UK were taken in the first 26 minutes of the launch! I believe we still hold the record for the fastest 999 places in all the country launches we’ve had so far. I have a feeling Spain will smash that record!

I have already started team building in Spain and we are currently doing pre launch training. If you would like to join my team and become one of the first presenters in Spain please contact me.

Click here to contact me
Click here for more information


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