Espâna launch tomorrow!

Hi guys!!!!! 

The day I’ve been waiting for is nearly here. 1 more sleep wohoooooo! 

So tomorrow is launch day! My website will be live to sign up at 12pm noon (11am UK time).

For information now please click here. 

To sign up tomorrow please follow my link by clicking here and select your flag at the top right of my website. 

The first 999 places taken are founding places. You’ll be rewarded with a charm and some Y cash which is money paid directly onto your website so you can purchase some products. 

I am so excited! I have team members globally! I can’t wait to expand my team of 2200 into Espâna! 

Full training is provided. I also have a Spanish leader if you would like to join her team to avoid any language barriers. Please contact me so I can put you in contact with her. 

Gracias 😘


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