Empower You UK

What an amazing weekend! Totally overwhelmed and feeling very very blessed that I found the company for me!

I’ve returned home today from 3 nights away where I attended  Empower You UK which was a 2 day training event for Younique! Literally the best company ever!!!

Check out all these little gifts I got whilst there, they spoil us rotten!

What I love the most about these little weekends away is seeing my Y-Sisters! In society we can see women bash each other and put each other down. Not here, we uplift, empower and validate. We stand by the company’s mission and motivate each other and celebrate each other’s success every single day. 

We had training from the some of the best people in the company, from corporate, health and wellness coach and a mindset coach! They truly give us the best knowledge possible not only to run our businesses well but to keep our minds and bodies well in the process. 
Here’s a few snaps I took over the weekend! And you cal this work! It looks so much fun right?! 

I intend to introduce this company to anyone I come across because finding Younique is like finding a pot of gold! This is not to be missed we are in hyper growth! And we are not stoping! We are going global! Producing more and more hot wanted products and literally changing lives along the way. 

I dread to think where I would be now if I hadn’t of found this amazing company!

If you would like further information please contact me at glamourizecosmetics@gmail.com take that leap of faith today xxx


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