Feeling thankful

Sometimes the idea of being a work from home mum sounds very glamorous. Shopping days, lunch with friends, do what you want when you want. It really is great on the days you can enjoy your new lifestyle which gives you freedom. 

But sometimes our kids get sick! We have no sleep, we wear pyjamas and have duvet days. Today is one of those days for me with my little boy who’s got tonsillitis. He’s got very high temperatures and he’s being sick with it too 😦

I remember that feeling of dread when I had to ring my boss and tell them I wasn’t able to go to work. I’d feel guilt and I hated letting people down. 

Not anymore!

So days like today I really do feel grateful that I can look after my boy, sleep when he sleeps, not let anyone down and guess what my business doesn’t suffer! I can work as and when from my mobile phone! Thank you technology lol. 

Lots of coffee for me today. Lots of water for my boy. Have a great day peeps xx


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