An organised business is a happy business!

Hi guys! 

Here are my tips for the MLM world to make your week ahead run smoothly!

Review Your Planner / Diary 

If you don’t have a diary to write your important dates in (even if it’s on your phone) then there will be lots you will forget during the week and you will make planning your business even harder. 

If I’ve got 1 day where I’ve got a few appointments I’m not going to plan to film a video that day. 

The key to making this business work is making it fit you. So you need to plan round your commitments. 

Set Weekly Goals 

Setting goals every week will encourage you to stay focused.  

Here are some ideas – 

* 30 minutes self development daily!

* Speak to 10 new people about the business!

* Arrange a call!

* Arrange a meet up!

Even if you just choose 2 goals it’s better than not making any at all. 

Schedule Posts 

Being consistent in your businesses is easy! You can schedule posts on your Facebook business pages. Perfect for workers and anyone going on holiday, you can even set an automated reply for your inboxes in your business page settings. Use all the tools provided to your advantage. 

You can also schedule social media posts by using 

Record videos 

Sunday’s are perfect to record team training videos, makeup demos and value videos. Record what you need for the week ahead so they are on your phones ready to post! 

Things that should be noted in your diaries 

* Calls – when you see someone post details of a zoom call you want to watch, note it in your diary straight away so you don’t miss it. 

* Webinars – again as soon as you see the details note it in your diary. 

* Team meet ups – again as soon as you see the details note it in your diary. 

* Events – again as soon as you see the details note it in your diary. 

* Stalls/Parties – if you prefer face to face for your business make sure you plan and book in stalls and home parties. 

* Online parties – plan online parties on dates that suit you so your hosts have your full attention. 

* Time off / Family time – yes you’re not seeing things schedule your posts and take a day off! Enjoy ❤️


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