End of a collection era! 

Our 6 amazing collections have served us well for Spring/Summer but it’s time they go 😩

On the 1st of September the collections will be gone for good! Including the drawstring makeup bag! Noooooo…….

So! It’s important you don’t miss out! You need to buy NOW before I have to say “I told you so” to make this an extra special deal we are also throwing in a free product!!! Because we’re kinda crazy like that 😝

Let’s check them out. 

First up! Beachfront!

Next up! Trendsetter!

Next up! Feast your eyes!

Next up! There you glow!

Next up! Au natural!

Save the best till last! Touch of beauty!

As you can see you can purchase these products if you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Mexico, Germany, France and Spain!

To purchase your collection before it’s too late please click here. Remember to click the flag at the top right of my website to select your correct currency. 

Want to know a little secret???? 

If you open a party link and purchase the touch of beauty collection you will qualify for Y-cash and 1 half price item for your next order. 

Don’t want everything in the collections? Why not see if your family and friends need anything? Or use the rest of the products from the collection as gifts. Xmas is just around the corner! Yes I said Xmas!!!! 


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