Get paid to play with makeup!!! 

Usually you hear somethings that just sound too good to be true! So you don’t give them a second thought. You’re just like ‘yeah right’ and carry on with whatever it is you’re doing. 

I know for a fact the same is thought about my company Younique. You hear all of these amazing things, there’s always exciting news, incentives etc to keep us pumped and I understand people on the outside looking in will probably think it looks too good to be true. 

But I’m here to tell you it’s not! 

So this is me, this morning. I’d just finished filming a makeup demo. And I was testing Eye Palette 4 for the first time. I experiment with makeup, share with my followers, if they like it they buy it! Simple! 

Here’s what I posted to my followers. 

That’s me ‘working’ lol. Not bad right?!

When someone buys a product from me, I get paid 3 hours later! 

But some people want to do what I do, so they join my team. I get paid on my teams sales monthly! 

I’m not a manager, I don’t do sales! I simply share and recommend 👌🏼

It’s so much fun. I work at home full time now and I work around my family commitments. 

If you’d like to join my team please sign up on this link. 

If you’re from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, France or Spain you can sign up now 😁

If you’re from Hong Kong you can sign up on the 3rd of October. 

If you’re from Italy you can sign up early 2017. 

I have a 24 hour support group on Facebook and my very own training website. 

Come and join in the fun ✌🏼️


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