Why becoming a discount presenter is beneficial…

Hi everyone! 

My readers know by now that I eat, sleep, breathe Younique!

There’s many reasons why. This company just amazes me on a daily basis. 

But here’s 1 reason why I love them so much. 

So on the right are some of our products that you can buy. On the right is our presenters kit! I know which I’d rather have lol 😉

First of all I just have to mention that when people join my business I don’t earn commissions from their joining fee! 

When you join you receive this amazing kit which contains tons of samples including all our skincare samples which is amazing you get to try them all and see what works for you!

You fall in love, you use your website to only buy yours and your family and friends products! We then give you your discount of 20-25% back 3 hours after your purchase. 

Let’s just call this offer Lifetime Customer Discount! 😱

There are no fees after you sign up, ever! 

If you buy for example your cleanser, toner, moisturiser, mask and makeup consistently your website will remain active!

Now imagine this! Christmas, Birthdays, Mothers Days you shop from your own website! And you get your discount in 3 hours!!! 

It’s a no brainer. 

To set up your Lifetime Customer Discount please click here and sign up today. 


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