School holidays vs Work from home mama!

It’s the school holidays and yes the juggle is real lol. We’ve slept in! I’ve not put my makeup on or got dressed until the afternoon every day! I’m all out of routine which is hard for an organised freak! 

But hey it’s been worth it!

I just have to say one thing – ‘Viva video I love you!!!’ 

My videos this week have still been made 💪🏼 with music playing instead of me talking to cover the ‘mum’ ‘mum’ ‘mum’ ‘muuuuuuuuum’ that you can hear in the background lol. 

Viva video you have saved my life and kept my YouTube Channel alive this week! 

If you’re on YouTube drop by and subscribe to Victoria Kiernan ❤️ 

And bring on Sunday 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 planners will be out prepping me for next week and back to routine! 

Thanks for reading x


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