Why did I join Younique?

Hi guys….

I thought I’d share with you today why I joined Younique. 

So back in 2014 I worked part time as an Admin Assistant and I absolutely hated it! Like seriously hated it! I had no passion, no drive which lead to me with no motivation and just watching the clock – tick, tock until it was home time. 

Then came along this opportunity! It looked to good to be true. So it has to be right? 

It’s a good job I’ve never been small minded and I’ve always believed in more!

So there was a new Cosmetics Company coming to the UK and people had already started to team build! I started seeing this amazing mascara everywhere!

The 3D Fiber Lashes 😍😍😍

We didn’t have anything like this over here at the time and I was so excited for it to come. I decided I was going to join and I was going to give it my all!

So I started promoting the company on social media and learning everything I could about it along the way. I’ve never had access to so much information! The presenters already in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand had training videos uploaded on YouTube. I soon got addicted! 

It didn’t take long for people wanting to join me! So my team began to grow and grow and we learned together eagerly waiting for launch day. 

Finally it came! October 1st 2014! I signed up and 63 team members signed up under me. I’ll never forget that day the buzz was unreal! 

I got my place in the triple digits club too!  
When I saw how fast my team was growing I quit my job! I took a risk, a huge risk as a mum of 2 not really knowing if I was going to be successful. But I had tunnel vision and tunnel focus. This was going to work!

In November our first sales month I hit Purple Staus. 

As you can see purple is one position off the top of the company 😱

2 years later with nearly a team of 3000 we will soon be a Black Status team! 

This has been the best journey of my life which has changed me in loads of positive ways. 

Are you ready to change your life? Click here to register.

I’ve gone from wasting my life sat in an office to working full time from home not missing a moment of family life. Having time off when I want. And living by my rules. 

I’ll never look back.

Thanks for reading. Vicky xxx


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