How to have a productive Sunday and plan like a boss!

Heyyyyy here are my top tips for having a productive Sunday and a successful organised week with my online business 👌🏼

🔹Set small goals and write them down for the week in a place that you can see everyday.
🔹 Clean your desktop – I tend to just quickly save images and documents to my desktop as I’m working at my desk and by the end of the week, my desktop background can’t even be seen. Placing them into their folders gives you a clean slate to work with for the week ahead. 
🔹Clean your phone – I tend to delete my photos I’ve used to clear some space in my memory. 
🔹Get a head start on your business posts for the week. Whether it be writing a draft, editing or taking photos for the posts. I tend to plan what I’m posting and save my posts in my notes app on my phone. 
🔹Schedule posts on your business page for the week ahead. If you’ve planned your posts you can definitely do this but don’t do this until you’ve planned them. 
🔹Check your diary for appointments with customers you’ve got booked in, any parties, stalls etc… and plan your week around them so you see exactly what you’ve got going on through the week. 
🔹Organise your work space where you tend to work the most. Clutter free space will make you work more relaxed! Tidy desk, tidy mind!
🔹Catch up with your team members! We can get so busy and distracted with life and our own businesses. Take some time to catch up with them so everyone is pumped and focused for the week ahead. 

Taking the time out to do these steps makes a huge difference to my entire week! 

I hope this gave you some ideas for what you could implement into your business routines 😊

Thanks for reading! 
Vicky Xx 
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