Finally! Time to get organised!

After patiently waiting for my new diary to arrive I found out the order didn’t go through on their website so I had been waiting for nothing 😭😭😭

Disaster to the girl who could write a new list every hour 😂😂😂

So here it is : 

This is my week view diary so I can see exactly what I’ve got on that week. Appointments, training days etc….

I also have a page per day one where my days are planned out more in depth which I keep at my desk. 

But this one goes with me everywhere! 

Every little idea I have thought my days goes in to this diary which is why I can’t throw last years away either! Yes… I’ll need an entire bookcase for my diaries one year lol. 

I go through notepad like joined business too!

But hey, I’ve got BIG plans. I’m organised, and I’m ready to take action on 2017! 

I have a successful team and I’m focusing on DUPLICATION this year. I’ve set myself a goal and I’m going to do whatever it takes to reach it because if that goal is hit it means financial freedom 👌🏼

I’ve been in this industry a couple of years now. I know how to move forward. I’ve made mistakes which I like to call lessons as I learn from them and they only make me better and stronger. So never ever think making a mistake is failing! 

Thanks for reading guys. 

I hope you’ll be apart of my journey. 

Vicky xxxx


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