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Free Shipping!!!

Who wants free shipping till the end of June? 


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This is the AMAZING offer on my website right now! 

Free shipping if you order a Liquid Foundation  or add one to your order 👌🏼

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With 13 shades there is something for everyone!

This product is one of our top sellers. And here’s why:

Inspired by the luxurious and durable Mulberry Silk of China that has been cherished for thousands of years, Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is infused with the highest quality ingredients to increase skin radiance and clarity for a healthy glow! The foundation is fortified with rich, nurturing ingredients like Juvenessence®, a unique and powerful marine-based algae extract that helps the skin look younger, firmer and more radiant.

The enhanced liquid-to-powder Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation allows for a smooth, even application that blends well into the skin for a natural finish . It also helps blur the appearance of skin imperfections with optical diffusers by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and pores for a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance. 

The unique dropper-style applicator helps provide the perfect amount of foundation. The foundation boasts special time-release pigments that provide long-lasting coverage.

• The refining and refreshing, ultra-thin liquid formula dries to a matte powder for seamless adjustable coverage. 

• Weightless, yet creamy texture. 

• Buildable formula for sheer to medium coverage. 

• Formulated without gluten, soy,
parabens, latex, PABA, BPA, and nano particles. 

• Not tested on animals. 

• Ten skin- attering shades for all skin tones. 

Scarlet—very light with neutral tones. 

Organza—light with pink undertones. 

Velour—light with yellow undertones. 

Taffeta—light/medium with neutral undertones.

Chiffon—medium with pink undertones. 

Satin—dark with yellow undertones. 

Cashmere—dark neutral undertones. 

Velvet—dark with yellow undertones. 

Charmeuse—deep/dark with pink undertones.

Cypress—deep with neutral undertones

Price: $39USD, $47CAD, $50AUD, $55NZD, £30GBP, $680MXN, €42EUR.

Team it up with our Primer for the base and Liquid Foundation Brush for a perfect application and flawless finish. 

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My website ships to:

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Coming soon to Ireland 🇮🇪 

Thanks for reading. 

Vicky xxxx

Broken my blue eyeshadow comfort zone! 

Today I broke my blue eyeshadow comfort zone! 😂

What do you think???

I used the last 3 blue colours. I actually really like it! Why have I waited so long to use them! I wear the browns/golds all the time lol. 

To view all the palettes we have to offer please click here.

My website ships direct to the – 

UK 🇬🇧 

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Shipping available to Italy 🇮🇹 from the 1st of March! 

Thanks for reading!

Vicky xxxx

Taking pre orders now! 😃

Are you ready for a RE-BOOT+

Our new and improved 3D Fiber Lashes+ is coming soon!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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2014 we gave you 200% increase

2015 we have you 400% increase

2017 we are bringing you 500% increase! 😱

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Hong Kong 🇭🇰 

🌟🌟🌟 (Coming soon to Italy 🇮🇹) 🌟🌟🌟

It’s time to fall in love all over again ❤️

Thanks for reading. 

Vicky xxxx

Excited for Hong Kong! 

Wow who will it be??? 

So excited for all the ladies in Hong Kong what a huge life changing opportunity 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 

If you haven’t joined this amazing company yet what’s stopping you. Let’s get you to Black Status our highest rank in the company!!! 

You can register here.
Let today be the start of something new. 

There are approximately 700 places left in the Triple Digits Club. What does that mean? It means the first 999 presenters in Hong Kong will get an extra goodie when they sign up and always be known as the Founding Presenters of Hong Kong 🇭🇰 

What’s in the starter kit ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Oh myyyyy isn’t that just the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen lol 😍

Yes all this will be yours when you sign up. Your website will be FREE and active straight away so you can start earning now! 

I will help you spread the word and team build. Let’s get you to the top 👏🏼

Free Delivery!!!

Are you from any of these countries???

If you are and you would be interested in running your very own online cosmetics business then I might have what you’re looking for! 

This is our gorgeous starter kit! Let’s look at just what it contains below…..

Wow! 😍😍😍

Talk about getting you off to the best start possible! I see all samples of our NEW skincare range there too!!! 

This kit even has FREE DELIVERY to the UK this month too, to celebrate the UK’s 2nd anniversary!

If you have any questions about joining this amazing biz please contact me at victoriakiernan@yahoo.co.uk or feel free to inbox me on Facebook.

Wether you join for forever discount, or you join to build a full time business, we have something for everyone! This business fits around YOU! You’re the boss, you call the shots 💪🏼 take control today xxx

Ready to take the leap click here to join.

UK £69 / USA $99 / Canada $119 / Australia $129 / New Zealand $139 / Mexico $1725 / Germany €107 / France €107 / Spain €107 / Hong Kong $775 

Click the flag at the top right of my website to select your correct currency. 

I can’t wait to welcome you in to Team BeYoutiful 😘

Welcome Hong Kong! 

Today is a day of Younique history! 

Today we launched into Hong Kong 🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰

What an amazing day it’s been! I am so excited for the ladies in Hong Kong I hope they know just how life changing this company can be if you grab it and run. 

Imagine being one of the first 999 people to sign up in Hong Kong! I was in the first 999 places in the UK launch 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back. This company has changed my life and made me a better person in the process!

If you would like to be apart of this AMAZING opportunity please click here, and click the flag at the top right and I will get you started today. 

I can’t wait to welcome you into Team BeYoutiful. 


Launching in Hong Kong!

Best news everrrrrrr!!!!!

Younique are launching in Hong Kong late 2016! I have a feeling this launch is going to be huge!!! 

Everyone knows I love a new market launch. I was in the UK pre launch and I jumped at this opportunity and started building straight away ready for launch day. When launch day arrived I started my business with a team of 63, 20 months later my team is nearly 2500 strong!

This cosmetics business is a network marketing opportunity and is based on social media. It’s changed so many lives including mine and I’ve only just got started. I’m sprinting towards financial freedom!

If you are from Hong Kong and would like some information please click here.

If you like what you see and would like to join my team please add me as a friend on Facebook by clicking here.

*Launch Info*

I’m interested in the Hong Kong launch. Will Younique be releasing any videos, calls, or training?

If you’re either a current Presenter or someone interested in joining in Hong Kong, make sure to sign up for the Hong Kong newsletter on the Hong Kong information page by clicking here.

The newsletter will contain announcements and links to information, videos, calls, screencasts, and training. 

Among the topics covered:
• When Younique will be launching in Hong Kong

• How to enroll as a Presenter

• How to begin building a team

• Why Younique is going into Hong Kong

• Why Younique is unique

• Cultural tips for working successfully

• How to do a successful virtual party

• The Younique compensation plan

1. What languages will Younique support in Hong Kong?

Younique will offer its website, catalog, and digital materials in traditional Chinese, and its audio materials in Cantonese. Younique will also offer some materials in simplified Chinese.

2. Will Younique have a Hong Kong catalog?

Yes! Younique’s September 2016 catalog will have a catalog option in traditional Chinese, which will be available at launch or soon thereafter. Catalogs are available in packs of 10, 30, or 70. Younique typically produces new catalogs twice per year.

3. What areas are included in the Hong Kong launch?

The launch only includes Hong Kong.

4. Will Younique be holding Hong Kong launch events?

Stay tuned! More information will come soon.

5. Can Hong Kong Presenters sell products outside of Hong Kong?

Presenters can only sell product into countries in which Younique is doing business. Those countries are the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Mexico, Germany, France, and Spain.

6. Can Presenters in Hong Kong resell product?

Yes! We do not have a Not-For-Resale (NFR) restriction in Hong Kong.

7. What do I need to sign up as a Presenter?

• Hong Kong ID Number

• Hong Kong address

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Email address or Facebook account

• Phone number

• Must sign up under a Presenter either by using an existing Presenter’s URL link or the Presenter map lookup on Younique’s Join page

• Must purchase a New Presenter Kit ($775 HKD)

8. I want to join as a Younique Presenter. Under whom should I sign up?

You should sign up under the Younique Presenter who introduced the Younique Opportunity to you and who has worked with you since that time.

9. What will be included in the Hong KongNew Presenter Kits?

When you register to become a Younique Presenter in Hong Kong, your New Presenter Kit will include:

• Assortment of products (to be announced soon!)

• White Status Charm

• Free business website

• Instant access to the Younique Virtual Party System™ (start hosting parties immediately)

• $190 HKD in Younique Cash (product credit) on your birthday, annually

• PayQuicker Younique bank account

• Younique Presenter Guide

• All of this comes in our signature black faux leather, embossed Younique case

The new Presenter kit is one of the best deals Younique offers! Note that the contents of the kit changes approximately twice per year or according to product availability.

10. A Younique Presenter is offering to buy my starter kit or give me free product if I join under them. What should I do?

Under Younique’s Policies and Procedures, current Presenters are prohibited from financially incentivizing anyone to sign up with Younique as a new Presenter. Please contact compliance@youniqueproducts.com if this happens to you.

11. What payment options will be available for registering or purchasing product?

Younique will offer Visa, Master Card, and PayPal.

12. I have more questions about the Hong Kong launch. Who can I contact?

Younique has a customer support department with Cantonese speaking agents who are ready to help you. 


What is PayQuicker?

Presenters are paid commissions through their PayQuicker account. Presenters have the option of using their purple Younique card to spend commissions or transferring funds to their personal bank account. For more information about PayQuicker, see here.

1. Will Hong Kong Presenters be paid commission in Hong Kong Dollars?


2. What are PayQuicker’s fees?

PayQuicker’s fees are the same in Spain as in Germany and France. See a partial list of fees, below:

Fee Amount (USD)

Card Purchase (Credit) $0

Card Purchase (Debit) $0.59

Bank Transfer $0.50

Monthly Service Fee (Active accounts) $0

Monthly Service Fee (Inactive accounts) $5.00

3. Why Does PayQuicker charge a fee for debit transactions?

PayQuicker cards are not traditional debit cards. They are preloaded, prepaid debit cards, and as such have higher costs associated with them.

4. What documents do I need to submit to set up my account with PayQuicker?

You need to submit one of the following documents:

• Hong Kong ID Card

• Passport

• Or photo-bearing driver’s license and additional government-issued ID such as birth certificate

5. I’ve submitted my documents to PayQuicker, how long will it take to receive my card?

Most cards will arrive within 10-16 days.


6. What shipping provider will Younique use in Hong Kong?

Younique is contracting with a well-known carrier in Hong Kong, SF Express.

7. Will products be priced in Hong Kong Dollars?


8. Will Younique have a distribution center in Hong Kong?

Yes. Hong Kong orders will be fulfilled out of Younique’s new Hong Kong distribution center.

9. How long will shipping to Hong Kong take?

Orders shipped to Hong Kong will be fulfilled out of Younique’s Hong Kong distribution center and will have a processing time of 1-4 business days, followed by 1-3 days for shipping to Hong Kong, for a total of 2-5 business days total shipping time.

10. What delivery options will there be?

Stay tuned! More information will come soon.

11. What are shipping prices in Hong Kong?

Less than $800 = $25 delivery 

$800 or more = Free delivery

12. Where can I find product pricing for Hong Kong?

Stay tuned! More information will come soon. 

13. Does Hong Kong require animal testing on cosmetic products?

Younique does not test on animals and we are not required to do so in Hong Kong.

14. Will all of Younique’s products be available in Hong Kong?

Yes, all in-stock products will be available for purchase.


1. Are Younique’s product prices tax inclusive?

No, prices listed in the Hong Kong catalog or website do not include sales tax. Note that there is no sales tax in Hong Kong.

2. Does Younique withhold any income from my commissions for social security or tax purposes?

No, Younique does not withhold tax from Presenter commissions.

3. I want to register as a company. Can I do that?

Yes, presenters can register as a business.